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Case Study - Oil Filtration Solution For Servo Application

ISO CODES- Oil Filtration System -For Servo -Plastic Injection Mouldings - Clean oil has different meanings for different people

The servo valve is the key to the critical tolerance that a machine is designed to operate 24×7 in the harshest conditions. Servo tight tolerances understand the high purity of oil so that the machine can achieve high productivity and performance.

ISO 14/11 (4406:1987) or 17/14/11(iso 4406:1999)is the average wear standard for servo application.

All standards are recommended for extended life performance of equipment.

Hydraulic oil testing – Now oil needs to be analyzed monthly initially and thence every quarter. Double-check using monthly patch test method-traditional -Oil testing kit.

Full flow online filters are for handling coarse filtration, closed kidney loop online filtration systems has proven over time continuous achievement of ISO standards required for the servo.

Whether it be Ferromatik Milacron / Windsor / Engel / Desma / Tungyu / Toshiba rubber / plastic injection molding or any power pack with Moog / Hawe / Eaton / Parker servo valves –

Destiny International – filtration solutions are there to achieve ISO code as desired.

As a leading oil filtration machine manufacturer in India our hydraulic oil cleaning machine for any injection molding machine or hydraulic power pack has helped increase performance and prevent inexpensive costs on servo valve purchases.

A tablespoon of dirt in one barrel of oil yields 19 / 17 / 14 ISO code and oil would be considered highly contaminated. Just any hydraulic oil filtration system can not be considered for Servo application.

Most media filters will escape the ultra-fine contaminant unless their efficiency and beta ratio is ascertained.

A portable oil purifier is another support during breakdowns if an online hydraulic oil cleaning system is not dedicated.


Oil Filtration Solution For Servo Application
Oil Filtration Solution For Servo Application
Oil Filtration Solution For Servo Application
Hydraulic Oil Filtration
Hydraulic Oil Filtration



A portable oil purifier is another support during breakdowns if an online hydraulic oil cleaning system is not dedicated.A dirty machine shop and bad hydraulic oil condition go together.As a leading hydraulic oil machine manufacturer in India, Destiny International has provided solutions to the worst machine hydraulic oil conditions and work environments.One of our clients a rubber polymer with multiple plants found a solution with us after watching our machine perform.
Within 3 days 9 Hydraulic oil unit condition was changed to as good as new.
Destiny International is sure to assist you in maintaining your oil.As a leading hydraulic oil machine manufacturer in India, be assured to solve your dirty hydraulic oil problems.

Hydraulic oil filtration machine for servo valve

Destiny’s filtration systems help you preserve and
maintain your hydraulic system by filtering efficiently down to 0.1 micron.
This filtration accuracy will allow you to prevent failures on pumps, servo valves, proportional valves, and cylinders.
Destiny will maintain hydraulic oil cleanliness 2 to C grades cleaner than
brand new oil, dramatically extending the life of the oil while removing
moisture. All units include complete retrofit installation kits.

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Don’t change your oil, filter it!

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Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any inquiries, technical support, or scheduling consultations. For all of our services, we bring a Particle Counter and Portable Fluid Analysis Kit onsite to analyze oil samples and document our performance achievement of specified ISO cleanliness levels and moisture content.

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