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Destiny’s® FD/FP Series Oil Filtration Systems are high end technology machines popularly used for Ultra-Fine Stage Filtration (fine solid particle removal) of lubricating and hydraulic oils.

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Our Oil Filtration Machine is a multi-purpose fluid cleaning machine that can clean most oils such as hydraulic oil, gear oil and many soluble oils and fluids. More than 85% of hydraulic oil failures are caused by contaminants in the oil.

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Oil Filtration Machine


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Why Oil Filtration ? Don't Change your oil, Filter It !!

  • Removes Dirt And Contaminants
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Optimized Performance
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Reliability and Consistency
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Eliminates Water

Hydraulic System Maintenance

  1. Assessment: You start by assessing the condition of the hydraulic system. You check the oil level, temperature, and pressure readings. The machine’s performance has been slightly sluggish, indicating potential issues.
  2. Oil Sampling: To confirm your suspicions, you decide to take a sample of the hydraulic oil. You collect a small amount of oil from the reservoir and send it to the lab for analysis.

  3. Lab Analysis: The lab analysis report reveals that the hydraulic oil contains various contaminants such as dirt particles, water, and even tiny metal fragments from wear and tear. These contaminants can lead to reduced system efficiency, increased wear on components, and potentially system failure if not addressed.

  4. Filtration Decision: Based on the lab report, you decide that the hydraulic oil needs thorough filtration to remove the contaminants. You choose a high-quality hydraulic oil filtration unit that includes multiple stages of filtration, including coarse filters to remove larger particles and fine filters to capture smaller particles.

  5. Filtration Process: You shut down the press machine and drain the old hydraulic oil. Then, you connect the filtration unit to the hydraulic system and pump the oil through the filters. The filters effectively remove dirt, water, and metal fragments, leaving the oil cleaner and more suitable for optimal system performance.

  6. Refilling: After the filtration process is complete, you refill the hydraulic system with the clean oil. You also take this opportunity to inspect other components of the system for any signs of wear or damage.

  7. Testing: With the clean oil in place, you restart the press machine and observe its improved performance. The sluggishness is gone, and the machine operates more smoothly and efficiently.

  8. Maintenance Schedule: To prevent future contamination issues, you recommend implementing a regular hydraulic oil maintenance schedule. This includes periodic oil sampling and filtration to ensure the hydraulic system continues to operate at its best.

Importance of Oil Purification

1.Negative Effects of Solid Particles:

  • Metallic wear particles (of <5micron size) are generated by a lubrication system itself during its operation.  Metallic wear particles are highly  abrasive in nature
  • Increase of wear particles is highly damaging to machine components
  • Wear particles typically cause 50% of all failures
  • These multiply due to wear and tear of surfaces  of machine components

2. Negative Effects of Moisture

The presence of both free and dissolved water in  lube oils is detrimental to the overall performance of the lubricating system. Water in the turbine

lubrication system causes:

  • Reduction of lubricating film thickness.
  • Accelerated abrasive wear of components.
  • Sludge formation
  • Seal Deterioration and leakages

Features :-

  • Destiny’s Filtration System maintains the lube oil including hydraulic and turbine oils at NAS 6 or better.
  • Removes contaminations down to less than 1 Micron.
  • Maintains the rate of contamination removal higher than it is getting generated and is applicable to various viscosity grades upto 680 CST in different applications.
  • Prevents contamination related failures of bearing and servo valves.
  • This filtration system helps Extends oil life and maintained all oil properties.  
  • Its retards regeneration of continuous wears and hence improves machine  Reliability and Productivity.
  • Destiny’s Filtration System can also be used for recycling oil used in flushing applications.

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