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Lube Oil Filters


Lube oil filters are  help to remove contaminants from the engine oil and ensure that the engine is running smoothly and efficiently.

High Viscosity Oil Filters

Water Gylcol Oil Filtration Machine

High viscosity oil filters are designed to handle the increased thickness or viscosity of certain types of oils. Viscosity refers to the thickness of a fluid, and oil viscosity is affected by factors such as temperature, pressure, and additives.

Glycol Filters

Water Glycol Oil Filtration Machine

Coolant and glycol filters typically use a filter media that is compatible with the specific type of coolant or glycol-based fluid being used, such as a synthetic material or a combination of materials. 

Diesel Fuel Filters


Diesel fuel filters can be designed to remove a variety of contaminants, including dirt, rust, water, and other debris. The filter media is typically made from a combination of materials, such as cellulose, synthetic fibers, or a combination of both, and is pleated or folded to increase its surface area and improve filtration efficiency.

The filter cartridges are the primary filter element used by DESTINY INTERNATIONAL, these filters are used on the majority of our off-line filtration systems and all bypass filter units. They are made from various types of filter media allowing for various fluids to be filtered including lube oils, diesel fuel, coolants & glycols.

Salient Features

  1. Filter efficiency to less than 1 microns
  2. Cartridge is made of densely wound pure coniferous long fiber wood pulp paper
  3. cartridge acts both by absorption
  4. long fibers of the paper attract the water


  1. Injection Molding machine
  2. Die casting Machine
  3. Rubber Molding machine
  4. Hydraulic Power Press
  5. Earth Moving Hydraulic Oil Power Pack
  6. Blow molding
  7. Tunnel Boring Machine
  8. Ginning Press
  9. Rust preventive oil

Bypass Filter Cartridges

As well as our standard filtration systems , DESTINY INTERNATIONAL have a range of bypass filter units that can provide additional filtration to hydraulic systems. The bypass units can be fitted to hydraulic systems providing an additional level of filtration able to remove greater levels of water and provide finer particulate filtration.

Some model of cellulose depth filters manufactured around the world:

  • A-Filters Inserts, B- Filters Inserts and more…
  • SDC1888, Water glycol filter SDPC 2088, cartridge sdc 1888 depth filters and more…
  • Destiny International – India, 200HE, 100 Series, 50 Series , 30 Series and equivalents
  • SDU-H350BM2, HDU-H300, SDU-H350RK , 2S-350-C4 , 4S-350-C8 , 6S-350-C12 , SDU-H8 , HDU-H8 , LDU-H8 , CFU-10 , CFU-10-PG , SDU-M8 , HDU-M8 , LDU-M8 , HDU-H8FL , HDU-H300FL2 , SDU-H8FL , SDU-H350BM2-FL , SDU-H8UW-S , SDU-H350UW-S

EXCLUSIVE, We manufacture any size of cellulose filter in any quantity from its HQ in India : with a wide network offering filtration system as a direct installation or mobile unit to suit any application. Even in the most aggressive environments, Destiny International can address the issues of moisture, particulate, varnishing, component failures due to poor oil hygiene.

CGL Filter , CGL Filter ME30,CGL Filter ME32,CGL Filter ME50,CGL Filter ME100 Triple R Filter Yupao Filter ,YUPAO BYPASS OIL FILTER BU 30 Bypass Oil Filter Filtroil BU 200HE , filtroil 200he, Hydraulic Filter ElementM-Series, E- Series, E-Series and more...

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