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A reliability assessment is important in guaranteeing the precision, function, and use life span of any machinery. In this article reliability and performance of the Destiny make Lube oil filtration unit and its degradation was assessed to verify its effectiveness after 10 years of working on the ISGEC sheet metal working press.

In most circumstances, performance degradation is the main reason for machine failure and leads to a waste of product energy and time.

LOCATION –Sheet Metal Component manufacturer with ISGEC Straight-sided hydraulic press-North India, Punjab

OBJECTIVE-To access performance of Random, Dedicated filtration unit on ISGEC powerpack

Oil cleaning equipment  Model-FOCUS 400 IN-Make-Destiny

Oil quantity of reservoir tank -1200 Ltrs

Machine commissioned Date-Jan 2011

Total clean oil machines with client-8 nos

ferrocare collector

The customer was educated enough to understand cost-saving and machinery failures that could be prevented by maintaining oil cleaning standards.

Monthly oil patch testing ensured data logging and visible analysis of oil conditions.

The customer was aware of the performance standard of the filtration unit and followed element change intervals to prevent degradation of oil.

A dedicated unit on the power pack ensured no oil-related failures and also helped prevent unnecessary wear and tear of the oil-clean machine.

Zero oil changes ensured carbon emission benefits and cost savings.

Oil Status Monitoring

Oil Cleaning
Oil Cleaning
Oil Cleaning systems
Oil Cleaning
Oil Cleaning
Oil Cleaning

Clean oil has become a necessity with the advent of low tolerance machinery. With benefits to overall productivity in industrial plants keeping clean oil has become a major part of machine maintenance.

Destiny International with pride in Make in India is catering to domestic and international markets in the oil cleaning machine manufacturing segment.

With excellent performance, awards from vendors for providing oil cleaning machines and services have made the brand to be proud for Made in India.

High flow rate oil cleaning machines to compact filtration units make Destiny International a suitable solution for all types of oil cleaning applications.

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