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Ferrocare elc collector ELC Machine Collector ELC25 ELC50 ELC100


Ferrocare elc collector ELC Machine Collector ELC25 ELC50 ELC100


Ferrocare elc collector ELC Machine Collector ELC25 ELC50 ELC100

ELC 100C

An Electrostatic Oil Filtration Machine Collector is a type of industrial equipment used to separate and collect contaminants from oil. It utilizes the principle of electrostatic precipitation to effectively remove particles from the oil, making it a highly efficient and effective way to purify and extend the life of the oil.

By utilizing Destiny International ELC Machine Collector ELC25 ELC50 ELC100 to make oil purifier, customers say goodbye to financial burden incurred by expensive oil price and quantities of waste oil. Destiny International guarantees its prominent economical efficiency.

The Electrostatic oil cleaners make use of principles that the contaminants floating in oil are electrically charged and  trapped by electrodes. The particulates floating in oil may be electrically classified into three types:

  1. Positively
  2. Negatively
  3. Neutral

Unlike existing conventional filters, DESTINY utilizes the principle of electrostatic ion. As contaminated oil passes through the electrode, equipped with an electrostatic dielectric, various kinds of impurities in the oil are removed and attached to the collector. It is circulating purification system that only supplies clean oil into the tank. As premaintenance equipment, Destiny will be the Master oil purifier in your factory since they prevent oil oxidation and maintain proper oil viscosity so as to supply clean oil.The electrostatic oil cleaner is designed and developed to super clean hydraulic oil and other  industrial oil upto cst 220,  being  used  in  various  industrial  applications like hydraulic power packs to oil  pumps  system right from simple power  pack up  to most sophisticated aircraft hydraulic oil system.

Ferrocare elc collector ELC Machine Collector ELC25 ELC50 ELC100
Ferrocare elc collector ELC Machine Collector ELC25 ELC50 ELC100
Ferrocare elc collector ELC Machine Collector ELC25 ELC50 ELC100

The Electrostatic Oil Filtration Machine Collector works by passing the oil through a series of electrodes that are charged with an electrical current. As the oil flows through the electrodes, the contaminants within the oil become negatively charged. These charged particles are then drawn towards the positively charged electrodes, where they are collected and removed from the oil. The purified oil is then returned to the system for use.

Electrostatic Oil Filtration Machine Collector typically includes a control panel, a power supply, and the electrodes. The control panel allows for the adjustment of the electrical charge and flow rate of the oil, while the power supply provides the electrical energy needed to generate the charge. The electrodes are typically made of a durable, corrosion-resistant material, such as stainless steel, to ensure that they can withstand the harsh conditions found in industrial environments.

The Electrostatic Oil Filtration Machine Collector can also be used in conjunction with other types of oil filtration systems. For example, it can be used in combination with a centrifuge to remove water and solid particles from the oil. It can also be used in conjunction with a coalescer to remove gases from the oil.

Fine suspended particles contained in oil enteringin the oil cleaner from inlet provided at the bottom, gets ionized and statically charged while passing through electrostatic fields generated by applying high voltage across positive and negative electrodes. According to nature of the charge, such charged particles get attracted towards either of the electrode. When the oil is flowing from bottom to top of the cleaning cell in a laminar manner, the charged particles get collected on the dielectric media i.e. either collector paper or separator and get trapped in the dielectric media and are separated from oil. These contaminated thus get deposited on the collector/separator papers.  Electrostatic oil cleaner is able to remove all of the oil-insoluble particles, whether they are metal, non-metal, organic, or inorganic materials.  In particular, it removes oil oxidation products, primary culprits for causing malfunction of hydraulic systems. Also, it is the only device capable of removing oil oxidation products that are difficult for filters to remove. The key is maintaining an efficient and effective electrostatic oil filtration system is the product of several coordinated essentials. These include electric field strength, the number of electrostatic fields, f low rate, electrode surface area, and chargeable contamination collection media.  The challenge is all to manage all the essentials for optimal performance and results, and make them work in unison.In order to extend the life of the machine, to achieve maximum reliability of operation and to prevent the occurrence of a breakdown that would take on an emergency character, it is recommended to use an electrostatic cleaning system in combination with bypass filtration technology or depth filtration systems to remove thermal degradation products in the lubrication and hydraulic system of the manipulating lines

  • Temp: Upto 60 C
  • Viscosity: below 320 CST Max
  • Water content below 500 PPM
  • Mineral base oil

The Electrostatic Oil Filtration Machine Collector can effectively remove a wide range of contaminants, including particles, water, and gases. It is particularly useful in industrial applications where the oil is subject to high levels of contamination, such as in heavy machinery and equipment. The machine can also be used to remove impurities in oil used in power plants, wind turbines, and other forms of renewable energy.

  • Eliminate Oil Change
  • Eliminate Mechanical Filters
  • Increase Production  and Reduce rejection
  • Increase Life of pumps, Valves & Seals
  • E H & S (Environment, Health & Safety) friendly
  • Longer Oil Life
  • No Oil Leakages.
  • Longer equipment  Life
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Cost
  • Energy Saving by keeping Oil Clean
  • Ability to operate at high flow rates
  • Making it suitable for use in large industrial processes
  • This allows for the efficient filtration of large volumes of oil in a short period of time
  • The machine is relatively maintenance-free
  • Requiring only occasional cleaning of the electrodes and replacement of the filter element.

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