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The Oil Skimmer system is mounted above the liquid container, preferably on the opposite side of the liquid inlet.  The outlet hose is attached to the outlet connection piece which is led into a setting tank. The device is connected to a power source of 220V.

The most common types include:

  • Belt skimmers, which use a belt or chain to collect oil as it passes through.
  • Disc skimmers, which use a rotating disc to collect oil as it passes through.

Belt type oil skimmers are mainly used to remove suspended tramp oil from the coolant surface. 



All Types & Models

Belt Oil Skimmer




BS 50

50 mm

10 lph

BS 10

100 mm

18 lph

BS 150

150 mm

25 lph

BS 200

200 mm

35 lph


Belt type oil skimmers are mainly used to remove suspended tramp oil from the coolant surface

The capacity of oil skimmers depends on the belt width. the belt size is determined based on the following prameters.

• Tank depth
• Tank volume
• Tramp oil % in the tank
• Any other greasy contamination
• Temperature of fluid

Using a belt skimmer are as follows. With its compact size, it requires very little operating space. Belt skimmers have good oil pick up rates (up to 20lph depending on belt width). This type of skimmer can handle fluctuating coolant levels while still maintaining minimal operating space and maximum pick up capacity.


  • Most inexpensive way to remove oil from Water.
  • Saves coolants by removing tramp oil.
  • Conserves parts wash Water by removing oily wastes.
  • Prevents plugging of spray heads and filters.
  • Reduces fluid disposal costs.
  • Skimmed oil can be recycled and reused as a lubricant or fuel.


  • Effluent treatment plants and sewage treatment plants

  • Petroleum refineries, lube blending plants

  • Automobile units and service stations

  • Oil drilling services

  • Industrial houses

  • Mineral and vegetable oil plants

  • General engineering industries and machining centres

  • Industries employing industrial washing machines

  • Perfumery and essential oil industries

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