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Desiccant Breathers Filte
Desiccant Breathers Filter

Desiccant Breathers Filter separates contaminant such as dirts & moistures from air entering machinery, sumps & different reservoirs.Moisture and dirt originating outside of machine system are major cause of equipment or machinery loss of use.Moisture originating outside of machine causes corrosion and mechanical wear along with dirt. Moisture can cause changes in viscosity deplete additives and cause sludge formation.

Dessicant is a hygroscopic (material that attracts and hold water molecules) substance.

A desiccant breather filter is a device used to remove moisture and contaminants from the air entering equipment such as gearboxes, transformers, and other enclosed systems. The filter typically contains a desiccant material, such as silica gel, which absorbs moisture, as well as a filter element that removes particles and other contaminants. The desiccant material is usually contained in a replaceable canister, which can be replaced when it becomes saturated with moisture. These breathers are commonly used in industrial settings, particularly in environments where moisture and high humidity can cause problems for equipment.

A Desiccant Breathers Filter equipment installed on a machine to prevent ingress of moisture and contaminants.

Gearboxes, pumps and reservoirs take in and take out i.e. “breathe” when air in the empty space expand and shrinks due to temperature changes and oil level changes in the case of hydraulic systems-incoming fluid displaces air or when hydraulic components are running. Each time equipment exchanges

air -dirt, debris and moist liquid vapors are brought in, contaminating the lubricant and damaging the equipment in process. 50% lubricant contamination comes from outside machinery and most machines are designed to breathe, 

It is better to stop contaminants at the source "Breather"

There are multiple reasons that you need to consider before choosing a  Desiccant breather:

BC 150 ml3/8 MULTIFIT4.16 cfmYES
BC 2118 ml1’’MULTIFIT16 cfmYES
BC 3220  ml1’’MULTIFIT16 cfmYES
BC 4353 ml1’’MULTIFIT16 cfmYES
  • What is the environment?What is the application?
  • What is the average and maximum airflow rate?
  • What is the maximum reservoir capacity?
  • Is the operation intermittent or continuous?

This includes gearbox, fluid reservoir, transformer, pump & storage tank.

Applications with less space include gearbox, drum, totes and small oil container.

The Desiccant breather
    Paper mills, wash down area, steam clean place & mine quarries are extremely best example of high humidity applications.
    Products such as cranes, railroads maintenance vehicles, constructions vehicles & off – road trucks could all benefit from a breather designed for vibration and mechanized shock.
    Exposed equipment such as windmill, wind power turbines, mining equipment, farm equipment and off-road vehicles are common examples of equipment operating in extreme environments.
    Airport boarding jet airways, hydraulic fluid places, forklifs and baggage haulers are common examples of this application.

Desiccant breathers vary in design and construction. Some work by using a three-stage design to help ensure the interior of your equipment stays clean and dry. Incoming air is cleaned and dehydrated through an initial solid particle filter, a container of silica gel and another solid particle filter. As our diagram shows desiccant breathers work like this:

  1. As the machine breathes, contaminated air enters the desiccant breather and goes through the first solid particle filter. This is typically filtering out particles two microns or greater.
  2. Next, the outside air is dehydrated through a container of silica gel desiccant which extracts the water vapor in the air.
  3. Finally, the outside air passes through a third two-micron solid particle filter at the bottom of the desiccant breather.

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