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Hydraulic oil filtration machine

It depends on the type of device/system and oil you’ve got. Grades of oil, water-oil emulsions, water-glycol, and artificial hydraulic fluids are fluids commonly used. Oil cleaning has become the need of the hour for all applications with hydraulic or any mineral oil , Read More….

Tru-Sump Cleaners

As an excellent investment Trusump cleaners make fluid maintenance extremely easy.
The results are expected to be high-quality cutting fluid available all the time, with little to no waste Read more…

Low Vacuum Dehydration Machine

The heating of hydraulic oil is performed indirectly and then that is poured into a vacuum chamber where it is scattered into a very thin layer of film thereafter it vaporizes & gets dissolved with gases at low temperature. How do separate water from oil? Read More….

Coolant Magnetic Seperator

Filtration of oil in auto as well as industrial machineries are very essential to get best results, reliability and longevity. Cleaning lubricant is extremely important & lubrication practitioner are equipped with different options for filtering and controlling contamination, including disposable filters, cleanable filters, strainers and centrifugal separators.Read more…

Oil Skimmer

Coolant Tank Oil Skimmer is an integrated solution for keeping your coolant tank free of tramp oils. It saves your time and money by extending the life of your coolant and reducing coolant maintenance. During operation, it removes oil from the surface of the coolant, and deposits it into a collection container. Power can be supplied by the machine outlet on the control cabinet, or from any power outlet.Read More….

Electrostatic oil Filtration Machine

Collectors are corrugated dielectric media which once inserted between plate electrodes, electric field deforms, and die electric polarization happens at the tips of corrugated media. The electric field becomes strongest at the tips of collector media and particles are drawn and deposited on the opposite sides –poles and removed. Read More….

Dedicated Motorised FiltrationMachine

With dedicated kidney loop filtration system which is motorised and permanently installed on a machine, be assured your current system oil, reliability efforts are spot on. Oil cleaning with dedicated filtration is hastle free and just require routine monitoring to keep clean oil . Read More….

Hydraulic Bypass Filtration Machine

 Bypass Filter System is a bypass oil filtration system that passes only a small portion of the total oil flow through a very dense filter cartridge at about 3 to 4 litres per minute. At this speed, it is possible to remove particles down to 1 micron (3 absolute) and remove 99.95% of all water, greatly decreasing wear and prolonging oil life. Read More….

Dessicant Breather

A Desiccant Breathers Filter equipment installed on a machine to prevent ingress of moisture and contaminants. “breathe” when air in the empty space expand and shrinks due to temperature changes and oil level changes in the case of hydraulic systems-incoming fluid displaces air or when hydraulic components are running. Each time equipment exchanges Read More…

HF Series Filtration Machine

The HF series is a robust and sturdy filtration system designed for continuous industrial oil filtration or intermittent oil transfer Read More….

Oil - Testing Kit

Oil Patch testing kit is an onsite tool to determine quality and changes in oil conditions, Read More…

Hydraulic Depth Filters

Some model of cellulose depth filters manufactured around the world.SDC1888 , Water glycol filter SDPC 2088 cartridge sdc 1888 filter cartridge sdc 1888 hydraulic cartridge sdc 1888 oil cartridge M-Series, E- Series, E-Series and more…
A-Filters Inserts, B- Filters Inserts and more…

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