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Case Study-Oil Skimmer
Oil Skimmer

  • Within no time due to pick up rate of tramp oil ,the results were visible with almost 100% tramp oil removal
  • Foul smell was gradually minimised by following correct coolant management system.
  • Reuse of collected tramp oil and low cost of disposal
  • Belt size was adjusted to handle fluctuationg coolant level
  • Lower carbon footprints and hence environmental benefits

UNDER CAPACITYOIL SKIMMING Belt Skimmer Oil Skimmer Manufacturer-A leading manufacturer of CNG CYLINDERS in India

LOCATION-North India

The abstract of this case study is to highlight the importance of choosing the right filtration system, whether it be for any application, general or industrial.

In this case, the coolant system was using an OIL SKIMMER, a belt type with small belt width and other limitations.


The production head was struggling with tramp oil accumulation and related issues of component rejection, machining issues, cooling concerns, bacteria foul smell in coolant tanks, etc. Oil Skimmers were installed at all machines, but the problem of tramp oil was still a concern.

  • A skimmer with double the width of belt was installed

  • Rpm appropriate to requirement was determined for removal tramp oil  ltr per hour

  • Leakage from piping were rectified

Belt Skimmer Oil Skimmer
  • Small width belt was ineffective to skim all oil.
  • Wipers were not scraping the oil sticking to belt.
  • The rpm of motor of skimmer was less as per requirement .
  • There was frequent leakage at tank top of hydraulic oil from piping on powerpack.

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Case Study-Oil Skimmer

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