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Hydraulic Bypass Filtration Unit

A hydraulic bypass filter (Hydraulic oil filtration machine) acts as a 24×7 performer without using any motorized pump by taking a feed from the system’s main pressure line.
The minimum pressure required for bypass filters to be installed is 10 Bar.
The by-pass hydraulic oil filter with an accuracy of 0.1 microns ensures that the oil cleanliness level is always 2-5 grades cleaner than the new oil.
It makes the oil, pumps, servo valves, proportional valves, etc. live longer generating cost saving in the form of lesser breakdowns, no leakages, and fewer oil purchases.
The Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine works in a kidney loop, drawing a few liters of oil per minute from the main pressure line via a pressure compensating valve.

Our Hydraulic Oil Bypass Filter Units are a fantastic addition to anyone aiming increase oil change intervals an provided added protection to system components. Oil in the system will be finely recycled and any water removed, as the equipment is operating. As a result of this process, the hydraulic oils are maintained in a clean useable condition, dramatically increasing the life span of the oil before changes are required.

Customized pressure gauge indicates red zone on clogging of filter media, thence filter replacement is required , With bypass filtration units, nearly 100 percent of water can be filtered out, and contamination particles can be reduced to 3 microns in a single pass. In fact, if run slowly enough with the fluid being passed through multiple times, these filtration systems can clean oil to any standard required. 

Hydraulic bypass unit installed on the top of the machine 

Hydraulic Bypass Filtration Unit

Filtered oil is returned to oil tank, Red Indication shows filters choking  and replacement , no power consumed 24×7 filtration

Pressure Compensating valve and stop valve installed on main line

Hydraulic Bypass Filtration Unit

Hydraulic oil @2LPM is bled  from main hydraulic libe , After the main pump- without affecting the machine 





BU 200 IN

200 HE HYD


1800 LTRS

BU 100 IN

100 HE HYD


800 LTRS

BU 50 IN



400 LTRS

Fine absorption of water droplets in fiber capillaries retains moisture up to the capacity of filter media. Routine moisture up to less than 100ppm and contaminants up to 0.1-micron accuracy are retained by the element, leaving the oil 2-5 grades cleaner.

– Maintain oil at ISO levels of 16/14/11
– Reduce the oil-related downtime, and increase uptime by up to 80% and or better (SAE I, NAS 4)
– Maintain oil at +/- 15% of original viscosity by removing oxidation
– Maintain water level volume at less than 0.03% by volume of 300ppm
– Maintain total acid number and total base number extending the life equipment and of the oil
– Significantly extend the useful life of hydraulic components

  •  Continuous and quick oil filtration.
  • Ultra-fine contamination control to finer than one micron.
  • Dedicated filtration.
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Core-magnet fitted to existing filter units.
  • Injection Molding machine
  • Diecasting Machine
  • Rubber Molding machine
  • Hydraulic Power Press
  • Earth Moving Hydraulic Oil Power Pack
  • Blow molding
  • Tunnel Boring Machine
  • Ginning Press
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