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Oil filtration are essential components in the maintenance and operation of heavy-duty equipment used in the constru- industry. These machines help to ensure that the oil used in constru- equipment is clean, free of contaminants, and performing at its best, which is critical to the equipment’s longevity and efficiency

Application where filtration is required:


Oil that we filter:


  1. Prolonged oil life: Clean oil has a longer lifespan compared to dirty oil, which can break down and cause damage to equipment.

  2. Improved equipment performance: Clean oil can improve the performance and efficiency of equipment, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

  3. Increased safety: Clean oil reduces the risk of oil leaks, spills, and other safety hazards associated with dirty oil.

  4. Better environmental protection: Used oil that has been filtered is less likely to cause harm to the environment if accidentally released, reducing the risk of environmental damage.

  5. Cost savings: Regular oil filtration can reduce the need for oil changes, and also reduce the amount of waste oil generated. This can result in significant cost savings for construction companies.

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