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Are we colonizing ourselves again by exporting low value raw materials and importing high value goods? How do we reverse this wheel by contributing to domestic manufacturing? This study shows how a customer changed over to better performing and less expensive Indian filtration system as compared to Danish and equipment made in UK.

DESIRE FOR A SOLUTION : Trial were invited by the case organization from a leading Oil filtration systems manufacturer. Expenses of the trial were borne by the organization to enable purchase of right equipment. Objective was for purchase of 10 nos Filtration systems that could provide cost-effective high performing hydraulic oil filtration machine to be installed on ISGEC sheet cutting press. Parameters of trial and target pricing were established beforehand for determining conclusion of trial results.

Oil Filtration Systems

LOCATION :  Gujrat ,India, Case organization is one of the largest sheet metal key auto systems manufacturing organization in India.

PROBLEM : It was experiencing high purchase cost of capital hydraulic oil filtration machines and spares purchased from manufacturer from Denmark and their distributors in India.

SOLUTION : Destiny International-make Focus portable cart 800 IN was sent for the trial and in a short span of 2 days it was concluded by the end user at its in-house lab the results obtained far surpassed the results from manufacturer for Denmark and UK, whose equipment were under trial since previous 10 days.

The costing of capital investment was 50 % less and spares were 100% lower in pricing ROI<1 YEAR

ferrocare collector
ferrocare collector
Portable Oil Filtration Machine
ferrocare collector
ferrocare collector

CONCLUSION: A nationalistic proactive approach by end user and a fresh mind set to promote domestic engineering leading to enhanced national security and national revenue and improved customer protection and savings after using our Oil Filtration System.

India in the fourth quantile lags behind others, but  Indian manufacturers fare better than global averages for cost control because of lower wages and focus on reducing costs, Indian manufacturers face more quality and fulfillment delays. The pace of innovation is slower since we require twice or thrice longer to launch new products and our agility is reduced to scale up or down.

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A hydraulic oil cleaning machine is a device used to purify hydraulic fluid in hydraulic systems. It removes contaminants such as dirt, debris, and water to maintain the fluid’s quality and protect the system from damage. The machine typically uses filters, centrifugation or other filtration techniques to achieve the desired level of cleanliness

Clean Oil

Healthy Machine

  • Offline filtration: In this method, the oil is circulated through a filter unit that is separate from the hydraulic system. The filtered oil is then returned to the system.

  • In-line filtration: In this method, the oil is filtered as it flows through the system. This can be done with a filter element installed directly in the oil circuit or with a filter cart that is connected to the system.

  • Suction filtration: This method uses a filter element installed in the suction line of the pump to remove contaminants before they enter the system.

  • Return line filtration: This method uses a filter element installed in the return line of the system to remove contaminants before they re-enter the oil tank.

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