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Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Systems

Any equipment or machinery purchased as a preventive proactive tool needs intervention from the end-user to achieve optimum results and benefits. Normally money is spent on purchase in any industrial segment after determining the ROI which covers all aspects related to benefits offered.

It has been ascertained that a hydraulic oil filtration system for any application in which one is involved will be beneficial both for the equipment life, performance in the long run, and commercial savings.

Now once the equipment has been purchased, especially ones for proactive maintenance –it involves the aptitude of the end-user to get the best out of it and ensure the positives are grabbed and not left at the mercy of time.

Hydraulic Oil cleaning systems for removal of water from hydraulic or lubrication oils, a vacuum dehydration machine or tramp oil skimming skimmers whether belt or Disk type or any coolant filtration system such as a vacuum-driven sump cleaner if not used will land up in a scrap or some corner of plant for unused machinery.

An automatic system helps in minimum human intervention and if installed as a part of main equipment should be preferred as only a routine PMS planned maintenance system will help it to keep it running and will require only routine monitoring.

A CASE STUDY-Rubber Industry with 4 plants in NCR -Having Filtration machines but sparingly used for filtration.

Whereas, machinery such as a portable hydraulic oil purification machine will require good intentions of the team concerned to keep it running and monitor its results. We have seen the enthusiasm of the end-user go down in the same way as a new year resolution weakens by the end of January. Preferably, a designated person needs to be assigned for oil maintenance and keeping records.There are multiple reasons for failure to keep equipment running even when the positives are well known. It is like a habit that needs to be formed and its results documented in PMS.

SYNOPSIS-The owner of the Rubber molding parts manufacturing industry with 4 nos plants was experiencing heavy expenses in oil changes and related expenses of maintenance of machine parts and breakdowns.

Oil cleaning machine

PROBLEM-It was observed that the company was having a wonderful 4 four filter depth hydraulic oil cleaning machine for oil purification but was not being used by the plant.

SOLUTION-A meeting was held with the owner and maintenance team and Engineer and service technician of Destiny International to resolve the issue.

Destiny International as a Hydraulic Oil filtration unit manufacturer presented their plan of action- after executing Oil patch testing of Plant no-1.The machine was overhauled with basic hose changes and filter renewals.It was decided that for 2 weeks handholding training will be done by Destiny International to designated oil maintenance personal and maintenance head of the company.Oil samples and patch testing was done after and before filtration of machine oil and the team was trained on visible changes and benefits that could be achieved just by running the filtration system on oil reservoirs.

Hydraulic Oil Cleaning Systems

In 15 days -10 machines were brought to green oil condition zones and the maintenance team had discovered a solution to the real culprit contaminated oil.

Thence the system was handed over to the trained staff and for the next 1-month reporting of oil status reports were reported to Destiny International to bring on track the condition of machine oils.



COST SAVING: The Customer Has Discovered A New Habit Of Maintaining Healthy Machine Oil By Using The Filtration System Correctly.

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Hydraulic Oil Filtration Machine Manufacturer In India

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