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In 2008, Destiny International  started as an enterprise to offer Industrial oil filtration & maintenance solutions to the Indian Industrial Sector.

Since the quality of Industrial products and solutions offered by Indian manufacturers were comparatively inferior to ones supplied by manufacturers from America , China, Japan, and the EU, hence the enterprise tied up with Henkel Industrial solutions and Filtroil America to provide their products to Indian Industry in NCR and around India.

By 2010, with a deep desire to have high-quality products and solutions manufactured totally in India –Destiny International forayed gradually in the Industrial Filtration system as their expertise. Today we stand out as Masters of oil filtration solutions provider to our esteemed clients all over India and outside India.

Our day to day motto of:

– We strive to save customers’ losses and downtime by providing solutions and not just our products.


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From MANUFACTURINGSERVICES, SALES, MARKETING, OPERATIONS and with all our VENDORS, We stand together with a single objective to provide solutions-and that we do well and in time.

Destiny International commits to high quality products does not stops with just filtration system but with solutions. We offer several products & services geared towards total contamination control & proactive maintenance. We are committed to provide clean oil to our customers through our oil cleaning technological advancements. These products range from free oil analysis consultation to laser particle counters that will help monitor the condition of fluids in machinery. Dedicated to provide extremely good quality filtration & maintenance.

  • Increase production reliability
    From water and oil separators to centrifuges and vacuum systems, our range of products means that Destiny International (Master’s of Oil Filtration) can deal successfully with just about every modern industrial contamination issue.
  • Guaranteed Clean Oil

We manufacture any size of cellulose filter in any quantity from its HQ in India : with a wide network offering filtration  system as a direct installation or mobile unit to suit any application. Even in the most aggressive environments Destiny International  can address the issues of moisture, particulate, varnishing, component failures due to poor oil hygiene.

About us | Destiny International

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