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The Low Vacuum Dehydration technique is mainly used for separating moisture content from the oil which is present in three forms:

a) Dissolved Form

b) Emulsified Form

C) Free form

Working Principle :                         

The heating of hydraulic oil is performed indirectly and then that is poured into a vacuum chamber where it is scattered into a very thin layer of film thereafter it vaporizes & gets dissolved with gases at low temperature. How do separate water from oil?

Now both air and gases that are derived from the previous process are now left to condense so that it gets separated from the oil.

Our ultimate goal of heating oil indirectly at low temperature is to ensure that there is no burn off hence no oxidation and no additional depletion of oil.

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Low Vacuum Dehydration Machine & Degasification – LVDH Specification are manufactured & assembled with extremely minute care & research and as per industry standards.


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Comparative analysis of Vacuum Dehydration With Centrifugal water removals:

CentrifugalVacuum Dehydration
Heating oil to Approximately between 70 to 80°C is required to efficiently extract waterWhereas in LVDH technology, the Water is removed from oil even less than < 55°C.
 Depleting anti-oxidation additiveNo additive depletion
Somewhat clears emulsified waterEasy & total removal of free & emulsified water
Somewhat cleans low molecular weight oxidized oil fractionEasily removes low molecular weight oxidized oil fraction
Centrifugal systems do not clean any dissolved gasClears the dissolved gasses very easily
It consumes very High energyAs compared to the centrifugal system it consumes very low energy

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The extracted low-weight molecular oil gets accumulated in the hydraulic fluid and settles in oil. Hence (LVDH) low vacuum dehydration technique is used to clear the oil & ultimately bring back oil to its original properties.

This technology mainly evolves around the basic fact that the water boiling point is 100℃, and the vapor pressure above the water surface is atmospheric pressure but when we reduce the vapor pressure to a vacuum condition up to 750 torrs, then the boiling point of water gets reduced from 100℃ to less than 55℃.

Low vacuum dehydration machines are used to :

• Extracts water from oil
• Removes moisture from oil

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Hence under this technique, there is a vacuumed chamber and a shower arrangement for the oil (mixed with moisture content). There is a heater arrangement that heats up the oil under controlled temperature settings of a maximum of 55℃ only when the heated oil is showered inside the vacuum chamber under a high vacuum, moisture particles would get evaporated or get vaporized under the vacuumed condition thereby clearing the moisture from oil. Hence Clean oil is collected at the bottom of the chamber and delivered into the system.