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What are oil skimmers?

Oil Skimmers are pieces of equipment that remove oil floating on the surface of a fluid. In general, oil skimmers work because they are made of materials to which oil is more likely to stick than the fluid it is floating on. At the same time,the fluid has very little attraction to oil skimmers.

Why you need oil skimmers?

Oil skimmers are usually all that is necessary to remove oil from a liquid. In some cases, however, oil skimmers may be used to pre-treat a liquid. In this case, the oil skimmers remove as much of the oil as possible before more expensive and time-consuming measures are employed. Pre-treating the fluid with oil skimmers reduces the overall cost of cleaning the liquid.



Operating Principle:-Disk oil skimmers use a disk that is rotated through the liquid. The oil is wiped off the liquid and placed into a special collection container within the skimmer.

SPECIFICATION:-DISC SIZE -280/325/420 Single PH motor /RPM-5,/Max temp-60deg



An endless belt driven by a motor collects oil from the liquid surface. A scraper or other device removes the oil from the traveling belt.

SPECIFICATION:30mm width PU Belt width./Single PH motor /RPM-30/Max temp-60deg Builtin coolant/oil separator/belt reach-8/12/24 Inch


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