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Sludge in oil and its Consequences

Insoluble particles that do not dissolve in oil and can be categorized into hard contaminants like wear metal particles,dirt etc and soft contaminants that are formed due degradation of oil .

Soft contaminant give rise to thin insoluble film that deposits throughout internal surfaces of system.It further degrades over time with catalyst ,moisture and air.

This varnish attaches hard debris and forms a abrasive mixture.


Most main line filter clogging is result of varnish sludge, resulting in pump cavitation and valve friction increases due to sludge presence resulting in higher energy consumption and valve getting stuck.


FILTRATION PRACTICES-Depth filters have been installed on OEM moulding , casting, hydraulic presses etc for varnish removal and have proved performance overtime .

The only technology available to remove varnish is electrostatic separation is a misconception .ELC have limitation which are not bound for depth cellulose media
Depth adsorption media such as cellulose has been used successfully for many decades. World-class companies have used this method as a simple, powerful and effective means to remove varnish.

Destiny make cellulose depth filter have mastered varnish removal and maintained ultrafine oils. Cleaning oil using depth filters and oil filtration machines manufactured in India have been appreciated by industries across world.