Coolant Sump Cleaner Manufacturer in India

Destiny International: Coolant Sump Cleaner Manufacturer and Supplier in India. we supply world best coolant sump cleaner at competitive cost. we also deal in export import from India. Sump Cleaner removes very fine dirt from Oil / Coolant upto 10ยต & below by Vacuum created in the tank. There are no consumables hence no recurring cost. Collected dirt can be easily cleaned & the unit put back to use again
Destiny International Oil Filtration System Coolant / Sump Cleaner removes sludge, metal chips & swarf from Coolant / Oil tanks & filters it via reusable steel mesh filter. The System Works on the Principle of Vacuum Suction. A powerful vacuum blower creates vacuum in the tank of the unit, which sucks in coolant, metal chips Swarf etc, passing it thru mesh basket. Contamination gets collected in the basket & clean coolant flows through to the tank of the unit. A centrifugal delivery pump delivers back the clean coolant.